• Three-dimensional adaptive learning technology – the game continually adjusts both speed and problem difficulty level to match skill levels, and also relatively adjusts game speed for problem difficulty.
  • Includes over one million addition, subtraction, multiplication and division problems.
  • The game screen functions as a whiteboard for more difficult multi-step problems. Users simply write with their fingers to conduct advanced operations such as long division, three digit addition and two digit multiplication.  The whiteboard is automatically cleared after each problem.
  • Customize which types of problems show.  Want to work on multiplication only? Just change your settings.
  • One purchase, multiple users.  If you have multiple children who may want to use the game, this is great because you buy one copy and each child has his or her own gnome, with custom name, problem type settings, rewards / scoring.
  • Includes both the high-definition iPad version and iPhone/Touch functionality with one purchase, an incredible value.
  • Maintains a history, which can be emailed, of the last 1000 problems presented for each user, noting incorrect answers, enabling parents or educators to zero in on trouble spots for learners.

Game Story

Game Story:

A short time ago, in a land far, far away, there lived a gnome. He was a happy gnome, who worked very hard crushing rocks every day.

Then, one day an evil enchantress cast a spell over the treasure rocks, causing them to give up their treasure only when the gnome solved math problems written on the rocks! This was quite cruel to the poor gnomes, as gnomes are simple creatures with ample upper body strength, but little ability to do math beyond simple counting of their horde.

The Gnome Mining Guild has asked you to help one of their gnomes by working together to find treasures.  You solve the problems, and the gnome breaks the rocks. Will you help our humble gnome fulfill his simple gnomely desire to build his treasure horde?

How to Play

How to Play:

Solve math problems as they move along the conveyor belt. Every time you get a problem correct, the belt will speed up a little, and every time you get a problem wrong it will slow down. As you solve problems, you accumulate treasure in your mining cart.

Enter the answer to problems using the number buttons at the bottom of the screen. Once you enter the correct answer, the gnome will automatically move to the appropriate rock and crush it, revealing a treasure. If you enter an incorrect answer, you will need to push the red clear button just to the upper right of the row of numbers. You can keep trying new answers as long as the rock is on the belt.

The math problems are generated at approximate levels of difficulty. You move up levels by solving problems correctly. If you miss 2 problems in a row, you will move down a level. Higher levels cause the belt to slow to provide additional time for solving harder problems. You can customize which types of problems show (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) in your user settings on the home screen. If enabled, multiplication and division problems will not appear until you reach level 5.

You can write on the screen with your finger to solve problems. Once you answer correctly or a rock falls off, your writing is automatically cleared for the next problem.

Each time you solve a problem, you gain at least a silver coin. Sometimes you get a gold coin and more rarely, a gold bar, semi-precious or precious gem. Higher levels and bonus modes have increased odds of more valuable treasures.

Each shift is 5 minutes, but your treasure horde keeps growing the more you play. You can view your horde at any time and access statistics by clicking on the Treasure Cave button. When you start a new shift, you begin at the base speed and level from the end of your last shift.

Bonus modes:

Hot Streak – Triggered after 8 problems answered correctly in a row. Belt moves 20% faster. Double bonus mode; odds of getting more valuable treasure are twice as great.

Rock Crusher – Triggered after 16 problems answered correctly in a row. Belt moves 40% faster. Triple bonus mode; odds of getting more valuable treasure are three times as great.

Devastator – Triggered after 24 problems answered correctly in a row. Belt moves 60% faster. Quadruple bonus mode; odds of getting more valuable treasure are four times as great.

Bonus modes end when you miss a problem. Problems missed in bonus mode do not count towards moving down levels.

The relative distribution of problem types, for those enabled, is:

Addition – 40%
Subtraction – 30%
Multiplication – 20% (Level 5 and up)
Division – 10% (Level 5 and up)

Gnome Skill Level – This is an approximate representation of the difficulty of problems solved times the speed of the player in solving them. The level starts at 10 and scales linearly.

Problem History – This shows the last 1000 problems attempted by the player, with a notation if the problem was missed. This is helpful for teachers, parents or players to diagnose sticking points for math skill improvements.

User Reviews

This game started out making me feel like a genius. Then as it progressed, I felt like I was actually learning… Can’t believe how crazy addictive this game became to me after a while.


This game was pretty fun and challenging. The levels scale pretty quickly and it didn’t take that long for me to get to a level that required some concentration. The software seemed to learn, based on me missing questions. My kids have found the game fun and I don’t mind letting them play on my phone, when they are learning math. The sessions are 5 minutes of practice and you get awards as you move through the different levels. Overall it is a pretty solid math practice game.


The math on this app provides great mental exercise and it gets very fun and addicting as you move to more advanced problems.